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Dark Matter is a world-class development studio that specializes in building blockchain solutions, startup to enterprise-level applications, mobile app and web development, software, design, and more.


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Blockchain Development

Our team can help you integrate the blockchain into your business. Whether it's smart contract development, web 3 authentication, our building your next NFT project, we've got you covered.Services:

  • NFT projects

  • DAO development

  • dApps

  • Marketplace

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Tokenization

  • Web 3 authentication

  • Metaverse development

Application Development

We offer a full scope of application development services and will use our expertise to help bring your app outline to life in the form of a clear roadmap.

  • iOS app development

  • Mobile app development

  • Android app development

  • Web app development

UX/UI Design

Our talented design team uses the latest UI/UX configurations to construct attractive and engaging interactive mobile and website design interfaces for your business.We develop style guidelines, color palettes, and layouts that reflect your brand.

  • CSS, HTML, and other tools

  • Web design

  • App design

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Better user experience/engagement

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Drippies is a collection of 5555 unique NFTs on Solana that combine beautiful art with a passion for community, fashion, culture, utility & education.Drippies hired Dark Matter to build a token-gated streaming platform for their workshops where they hold educational seminars for their holders teaching a variety of skills. Their holders are then able to mint a unique NFT badge at the end of each stream as a reward for attendance.

  • Features:

  • Web 3 token-gated access

  • Streaming platform integration

  • UI/UX Design

  • Claim NFT badge function

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Our team.

Raihaan Subhan

Raihaan has over 5+ years in the eCommerce industry spanning from operating Direct-to-Consumer stores to founding his own media buying agency.As an avid NFT investor and Web 3 enthusiast, Raihaan created Dark Matter with his technical advisory team to help founders continue to innovate and push the boundaries of Web 3 while providing them with a professional, reliable, and talented technical team.

Ali Najafian - Technical Advisor

Ali has over 25+ years of development/engineering and eCommerce expertise. He developed one of the first proprietary shopping carts for grocery retailers to sell online at the age of 14. 2 years later Ali developed eCommerce platforms for Skechers, ESPN & Clear Channel. Ali was later recruited by Guy O'Seary at Maverick Records to lead the design & development of web & eCommerce platforms for top artists including Madonna, Alanis Morissette, and more. Ali later founded and served as the CTO of GoMerch before successfully exiting the company, and today is the founder and CTO of Alfred Intelligent, a data science tech company using proprietary A.I. and Machine Learning to transform Direct-to-Consumer brands and corporate innovation partners. He is also the founder & CEO of Trendy Butler, a monthly men's subscription service, and Desilux, which is revolutionizing luxury shopping with partnerships that include Gucci, Prada, Fendi, D&G, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, and more.

Ionut TItei - Technical Advisor

Ionut has over 20+ years of development/engineering experience. In 2004, while still in college, Ionut developed a hybrid online commerce software that serviced over 50 businesses.In 2009, Ionut founded the first web streaming TV station in Romania, Biz Channel, which was backed by several entrepreneurs, the Romanian Royal Family, and some members of the parliament.In 2012, Ionut built East Wolf, a digital agency based in Bucharest servicing international clients.Currently, Ionut serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Alfred Intelligent, a data science tech company using proprietary A.I. and Machine Learning to transform Direct-to-Consumer brands and corporate innovation partners. Alfred works closely with Google, Universal Music, and many other tech leaders.

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